ATC is a dynamic Training and learning center. Our courses are innovatively tailored to address organization-specific issues and objectives, aimed at improving organizational performance and effectiveness. Our courses also help individuals and working professionals achieve their various career aspirations. Our Training are in-depth, hands-on and industry relevant. We offer learning and development courses that helps targeted audience both to acquire and build capacity as Individuals to enhance their performance on the job and also to prepare for certification exams in their various fields.

Our training programs address different specialization areas e.g Accounts & Audit, Supervisory Management, Human Resources Management, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Project Management, ICT training, Strategic Management/Leadership training, Business Development, Productivity & Service Delivery, Environmental Safety and Health Education, Procurement, Supply Chain Management & Logistics, etc.

Our Training Delivery is very effective and made as simple as possible at ATC and that is because we believe in simplicity. Whatever your desires are when it comes to capacity building, ATC is committed to turning such desires into reality.

With our different training packages, we are poised to delivering value oriented and purpose driven training programs for individuals and organizations. We believe in making things work for our esteemed clients. Quality delivery is our major concern; we train to leave a memorable experience. We don’t train and leave, but we stay with our clients through thick and thin to ensure that their objectives are achieved.

We are determined and positioned to helping corporate organizations, working professionals and individuals achieve their specific goals.

Our training packages include:


This is an open training, specifically designed for individuals and working professionals. The training covers required contact hours and interested individuals, working professionals and corporate organizations can take advantage of our flexible quarterly training calendar. The training is hands on, uses contemporary tools and techniques, real life scenarios are brought into the class room to ensure that the concepts and techniques of the training are adequately imparted on participants.


Our Training services can also be conducted outside the shores of Nigeria. We deliver to meet our clients’ requirements. Whether it is within the country or outside, we are determined to take it all the way just to satisfy our clients’ expectations


This training is designed to our clients’ specifications. We sit down with our clients, both corporate and individuals identify their training needs and we develop a curriculum that best suit the peculiarities of our highly esteemed clients.


This training holds at the organization’s proposed or designated location. We are experts at delivering onsite training for our clients. We bring our training equipment to clients’ location and deploy the training.

At ATC, we adopt a methodology that is holistic in approach for our training programs. This is because we believe so much in values and that is what the organization stands for. Our core principles hinge on value delivery and customer satisfaction. We are determined and positioned to meeting your expectations. Our Training methodology follows three stages, namely Training, Mentoring and Recommendations/Networking.

Our Training Methodology has two basic goals:

  1. To help Individuals and corporate organizations build adequate capacity and gain industry relevant exposures which contribute significantly to their level of productivity.
  2. To help individuals understand and pass certification exams relevant to their specialization areas.