Agriculture Risk

Course Description

How can you invest millions of money into a business you know nothing about? Unlike Financial services, Marketing, Accounting, Administration etc., where you can set up a successful business with native intelligence, agriculture needs real knowledge to succeed. The variables are too many for native intelligence; weather, choice of inputs, soil conditions, pests and many other factors all determine how successful you can be. While you may not necessarily control some of these factors, knowing and understanding them helps you prepare better.

Attend our training programs and understand the investment risks behind the actions you take thereby equipping your-self with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your agribusiness; Learn how to manage a proper and real-life analysis of certain risks and develop the business structures you need to attract funding for your business.

Cost: N65,000

RIsk Mitigation


  1. Introduction to Project Management
  2. Why investment risk is important
  3. Key challenges for rural and agricultural financial service provision
  4. Understanding risk management
  5. Agribusiness risk management tools
  6. Risk management in rural financial institutions
  7. Public risk mitigation approaches
  8. Key policy issues
  9. Improving the legal environment for rural finance for Agriculture