Fee: #75,000
Duration: 4 days
Location: Lagos

Dates: April 1, 2, 3 & 4 2019


Course Description

Contract Management has become an important aspect of every organization. Successful and profitable business relationships thrive on effective and efficient contract management practices. Thus, contract management processes should be keenly implemented to avoid risks and achieve optimal outcomes. We have designed this course to answer all questions surrounding Contract Management. This course has been designed to put your organization and your employees at a leading position when administering contractual obligations to all vendors and other stakeholder. This course takes participants through basic to advanced contract management processes and it will equip them with the right skills set to deliver contracts to management expectations.

For Whom

  1. New and experienced project staff
  2. Project Managers or individuals considering a certification in Project Management
  3. Individuals who intend on kicking off a career as Project Management practitioners
  4. Individuals who want career diversification and thus need to learn how to manage project successfully

Course Opportunities

  1. Ability to work in any project oriented organization
  2. It can bring about salary increase for experienced professionals
  3. Avenue to become seasoned contract negotiation professional
  4. It increases your career profile and can sell you better to prospective employers or business partners
  5. Become part of any procurement process

Course objectives/Lesson outcome

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Identify relevant contract management techniques and how to apply them in real world scenarios. They will be able to manage and solve complex contract administration challenges and issues.

Course Outline

Module 1

Introduction to Contract
Planning for successful contract administration
Contract Stakeholders Management for effective results
Supply Chain Management as regards contracts Management
Contract Creation & the procedure involved
Awarding the contract
Collateral documents

Module 3

Contract Business process Management
Contract Management detailing technique
Contract Financial Management
Contract Risk Management
Contracts types
Effective Negotiation In Contract Management

Module 2

De-briefing bidders
Managing Bidders Conference
Kick –off meetings
Drafting contracts
Interpretation of Critical contract clauses
The Nigerian Contract law and application

Module 4

Monitoring for performance and quality
Monitoring cost and payments
Disputes claims and appeals
Supplier Development Programming
Contract Management technological development